The first appointment of Counter Colonial Aesthetics
part of the Manifesta Biennial Collateral Events in Palermo.
A project of  Marginal Studio in the city of Palermo, an inquiry into the potential of migrations to reframe contemporary design function and visions.

A workshop about the imprint in raw earth
in collaboration with Sprar, Cresm and Guglielmino Cooperativa
in the old mental health hospital of Palermo.

As a first engagement with the SPRAR we chose to work with terracruda as a symbol of shared cultural heritage. Elena Campa was invited to lead a moment of experimentation during the workshop “The imprint of raw earth”. We experimented the relief printing of a pattern on raw earth supports. Inspired by the decorations of Sicilian majolica, we started from the design of a pattern to create blocks made by everyday materials, which became the matrices for a relief decoration on raw earth supports.